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Are you aspiring to crack the PCS (Punjab Civil Services) exam and secure a prestigious government job? Look no further than Dashmesh Academy, the best PCS coaching institute in the country. With a proven track record of producing top-notch results and a comprehensive approach to exam preparation, Dashmesh Academy is your gateway to success in the PCS exam.

PCS Exam Pattern

The PCS exam is conducted in three stages:

1. Preliminary Examination:

The Preliminary Examination consists of two objective-type papers:

  • Paper 1: General Studies – 200 marks
  • Paper 2: Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) – 200 marks

2. Main Examination:

The Main Examination is a written examination consisting of six papers:

  •  1: Punjabi (Compulsory) – 100 marks
  •  2: English (Compulsory) – 100 marks
  •  3: Essay – 150 marks
  • Paper 4: General Studies 1 – 250 marks
  • 5: General Studies 2 – 250 marks
  • 6: General Studies 3 – 250 marks
  • Paper 7: General Studies 4 – 250 marks
  • 8: Optional Subject 1 – 250 marks
  • Paper 9: Optional Subject 2 – 250 marks

3. Interview:

The final stage of the PCS exam is the interview, which carries 150 marks. Candidates who clear the Main Examination are called for the interview.

Why Choose Dashmesh Academy for PCS?

Dashmesh Academy stands out among the crowd of coaching institutes due to its unique approach and unmatched expertise in PCS exam preparation. Here’s why you should choose Dashmesh Academy:

1. Experienced Faculty:

At Dashmesh Academy, we have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They provide comprehensive guidance and mentorship to our students, ensuring that they are well-prepared for all aspects of the PCS exam.

2. Comprehensive Study Material:

We provide our students with meticulously curated study material that covers all the relevant topics and concepts required for the PCS exam. Our study material is regularly updated to align with the latest exam pattern and syllabus, ensuring that our students are well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

3. Personalized Attention:

At Dashmesh Academy, we believe in providing personalized attention to each and every student. We understand that every student has unique strengths and weaknesses, and our faculty members work closely with them to identify and address their individual needs. This personalized approach helps our students maximize their potential and achieve outstanding results.

4. Mock Tests and Practice Sessions:

We conduct regular mock tests and practice sessions to assess the progress of our students and familiarize them with the exam pattern. These mock tests simulate the actual exam environment, enabling our students to develop effective time management strategies and gain confidence in their abilities.

5. Focus on General Studies and Mains:

The PCS exam consists of two stages: the Preliminary Examination (General Studies) and the Main Examination. At Dashmesh Academy, we place special emphasis on both these stages, providing comprehensive coaching for General Studies as well as Main subjects. Our faculty members ensure that our students have a strong foundation in all the relevant subjects and are well-prepared to excel in both stages of the exam.



Who conduct the PCS examination?

PPSC (Punjab Public service Commission)
What is eligibility criteriaTo be eligible for the PCS exam, a candidate must be a Citizen of India or a Citizen of Nepal or Subject of Bhutan.
The candidate should be of minimum age of 21 years but should not be older than 37 years. The candidate should possess a bachelor degree in any discipline from a recognized university or institution, provided that the candidate may be permitted to take PCS preliminary examination while studying for the qualifying degree.Punjabi language as a subject upto matric level is must.
Are there Physical Standards for the candidates applying for the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police:Physical standards for the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police: 
Minimum height:
Men- 5 feet 7 inches
Women– 5 feet 3 inches
Chest measurement (for men only):
Unexpanded: 33 inches
Expanded: 34.5 inches

Is it compulsory to know the Punjabi language to appear in PCS?

Yes, it is a necessity.


Shall the aspirant of PCS be the domicile of Punjab only?
No, it’s not a compulsion. Any candidate interested to appear in the examination must be an Indian simply. However, it’s necessary for him/her to be familiar with the Punjabi language to be the part of Punjab civil service.

What is PCS Future Prospects


The Central and State civil servants are in charge of the governance of the various departments (non-military) to ensure that the administrative infrastructure works according to the constitutional provision. Civil Servants have both power and authority. Clearing the PCS exam both preliminary and main opens gates to higher esteemed posts like that of IAS and IPS officers. Hence PCS exam is one of the most prestigious and lucrative career options for those wanting to serve the nation and command respect as well as authority in the society.
What is PCS exam official sitehttp://www.ppsc.gov.in/index.aspx
Which factors need to reflect on before choosing the subjects?


Proper guidance available for the particular subject.
Your interest and comfort level with the subject.
Your previous scores and success rate in the particular examination.
What kind of questions is asked in the interview?Though, there is no particular set of questions to be asked in the interview, but simply the interviews focus is to find out the suitable candidate for Civil services.
What is language of exam ?The question papers other than language papers will be set in English. However, when any candidate opts for attempting any paper(s) in Punjabi medium, the question papers shall be printed in Punjabi accordingly.
Which books, magazines or newspaper should i follow?·History- RS Sharma ancient history, Medieval History- Satish Chandra, Modern History- Bipin Chandra, sumit sarkar
·Political science- laxmikanth is enough
·Geography- Certificate of physical geography by GC Leong, refer khullar by TMH
·General Studies Based on NCERT
·Civil services Chronicle
·The Hindu DD News Frontline
·Indian express
·Economic and Political weekly-EPW
·Sci and tech –
·www.sciencemag.orgwww.nature.comwww.scitechdaily.com, Science reporter, Vigyan Pragti
·Geography – Geography and You, www.censusindia.gov.in
International relations – World Focus, France 24, ww.mea.gov.in
PPSC Punjab Public Service Commission Exam (PCS) The Punjab Civil Services exam i.e. PCS exam, is a combined competitive exam held by Punjab Public Service Commission for the purpose of recruiting workforce for Government posts like PCS Executive, Deputy