CDS Coaching

CDS Coaching

The Combined Defence Services (CDS) examination is a prestigious competitive examination in India. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conduct this exam . It is designed to select candidates for admission into various defense academies, including the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Indian Air Force Academy (AFA), and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA).

Here are some key points to understand about the CDS exam:

Frequency of Examination:

The exam happens twice a year, typically in February and November.

Eligibility Criteria:

Nationality: Candidates must be citizens of India.

Age Limit: The age limit varies depending on the academy and course applied for.

Educational Qualifications: The educational qualifications vary for different academies and courses.

Selection Process:

The CDS examination consists of a written test followed by an interview for intelligence and personality assessment (conducted by the Services Selection Board – SSB).

The written exam includes three papers: English, Elementary Mathematics, and General Knowledge for IMA, INA, and AFA. For OTA, it includes only English and General Knowledge.

Candidates who clear the written exam appear for the SSB interview.

The final selection is based on the combined performance in the written examination and SSB interview.

Training Academies:

Successful candidates get admission to the respective training academies based on their preferences and merit.

IMA, Dehradun: For training of Army Officers.

INA, Ezhimala: For training of Navy Officers.

AFA, Hyderabad: For training of Air Force Officers.

OTA, Chennai and Gaya: For training of Short Service Commission (SSC) Officers.

 Subjects Covered in Written Exam:

English: Testing the candidate’s understanding of the English language and its correct usage.

Elementary Mathematics: Assessing the candidate’s mathematical abilities.

General Knowledge: Covering a wide range of topics including current affairs, history, geography, and general science.

Physical Fitness:

Candidates must meet specific physical standards, including height, weight, and vision requirements.

Career Prospects:

Upon successful completion of training, candidates are commissioned as officers in the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force.

Graduates from OTA are commissioned as Short Service Commission Officers.

Competitive Nature:

The CDS exam is highly competitive, and candidates should prepare well in terms of academics, physical fitness, and personality traits.

The CDS exam is an excellent opportunity for individuals who aspire to serve their country in the defense forces as officers. It not only tests their academic knowledge but also their physical fitness and leadership qualities. Preparing for the CDS exam is a challenging yet rewarding journey for those who are passionate about a career in the armed forces.

Welcome to Dashmesh Academy – Your Path to Success in CDS Coaching

At Dashmesh Academy, we are committed to helping you achieve your dream of serving the nation as a proud officer in the Indian Armed Forces. We understand that joining the prestigious Combined Defence Services (CDS) is not just a career choice; it’s a calling, a commitment, and a life’s mission. With that in mind, we have designed our CDS coaching program to provide you with the best possible guidance and support on your journey to success.

Why Choose Dashmesh Academy for CDS Coaching?

  • Experienced Faculty: Our team of experienced and dedicated faculty members are experts in their respective fields. They bring their vast knowledge and teaching experience to provide you with top-notch CDS coaching.
  • Comprehensive Study Material: We offer meticulously curated study materials that are tailored to the latest CDS exam patterns and syllabus. Our content is designed to make learning easy and effective.
  • Regular Mock Tests: Practice makes perfect, and at Dashmesh Academy, we believe in this wholeheartedly. We conduct regular mock tests and assessments to help you get a real feel for the CDS exam and track your progress.
  • Personalized Attention: We understand that every student is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Our coaching is personalized to address your specific needs and ensure that you perform at your best.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: We encourage students to ask questions and seek clarifications. Our doubt-clearing sessions ensure that you have a solid understanding of the subjects.
  • Motivational Workshops: Preparing for the CDS exam can be challenging. We conduct motivational workshops and seminars to keep you inspired and focused throughout your journey.

Our CDS Coaching Programs

  • CDS Written Exam Coaching: We offer comprehensive coaching for the written examination, which includes English, Elementary Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Our expert faculty and carefully designed study materials will equip you to excel in this stage of the selection process.
  • SSB Interview Coaching: Clearing the SSB interview is a crucial step in your journey. Our SSB interview coaching program includes mock interviews, personality development sessions, and guidance to help you perform your best.

Join Dashmesh Academy Today and Realize Your CDS Dream

At Dashmesh Academy, we are more than a coaching center; we are your partners in success. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible guidance and support to help you excel in the CDS exam and fulfill your dreams of serving the nation. Join us today and embark on a journey that will not only prepare you for the CDS exam but also shape you into a disciplined, confident, and responsible officer.

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