Certified Professional Accountant

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Certified accountants are finance professionals. Accounting is a practical profession.certified professional accountant course is job oriented course where students are trained in various skills.This training includes the four main aspects of accounting – financial accountingmanagerial accounting, auditing and taxation.


Accounting is at the core of the business world: knowing how to manage finances will put you in a great position to achieve your goals.

1. Job security

Accountants are crucial to the running of any business, so if you have knowledge of practical accounting you are likely to secure a good job

2. High salary

Accountants and auditors often earn handsome especially if they are certified or employed by big accounting firms.

You’ll be likely to find a stable, high-paying job that will also allow you to play a critical role in the company’s success.

3. Opportunity for advancement

If you’re passionate about accounting, you’ll find job satisfaction. In accounting Fast progression occurs. Better accountants are in demand everywhere. Senior accountants may earn double the wage of an entry-level accountant.

4. Manifold Career options.

you’ll be well equipped for a career in finance, auditing, taxation, accounting, business and many other options available. You may pursue an accounting career in a small firm or corporation, or you may even start your own company.

5. A great network

Accounting profession gives opportunity to come in contact with many different fields, many types of business and like-minded people who will help you learn and grow as an accountant. Whatever your career goals are, accounting will help you create a network of valuable business contacts.

6. A clear future of certified professional accountant

For a clear career path with no surprises, accounting is  the perfect choice; your education will provide you with sought-after skills that almost every business needs.The Bureau of Labour Statistics foresees a growth of 13% in accounting and auditing jobs through 2020.