M.C.A :-

Master  of  Science  in  Information  Technology  (abbreviated M.Sc.  IT,  MSc IT  or  MSIT)  is  a  type  of  postgraduate  academic master’s  degree  usually  offered  in  a  University’s  College  of Business  and  in  the  recent  years  in  integrated  Information Science  &  Technology  colleges.  The  MSIT  degree  is  designed for  those  managing  information  technology,  especially  the information  systems  development  process.  The  MSIT  degree  is functionally  equivalent  to  a  Master  of  Information  Systems Management,  which  is  one  of  several  specialized  master’s  degree programs  recognized  by  the  Association  to  Advance  Collegiate Schools  of  Business  (AACSB).  MCA  is  a  three  year  professional master’s  degree  in  the  field  of  computer  applications,  awarded    in  India.

Scope :-

There  is  a  multiple  scope  as  a  career.  IT  Industry  is  creating  a wide  range  of  opportunities.  Big  companies,  M.N.Cs  are absorbing  MCAs  as  system  Analysts ,  Software Developers, System Managers, Internet Experts, Computer  Education Consultants  etc.  There is  a  huge  demand  in  Indian  Railways, Defence  Services  and  Telecommunication  Sector.

Regular  Vs  Correspondence  :-

The  Universities  such  as  IGNOU,  P.T.U. , S.M.U.  provide  M.C.A.  through  correspondence  but  Industry  prefers  regular M.C.A.  Degree.  A  regular  M.C.A.  Degree  from  a  good  reputed Institute  is  uncomparable.

Salary  :-

An  M.C.A.  from  a  top  Institute;  can  expect  anything  between  5 lacs  to  15  lacs.  However,  if  you  are   selected  in  a  Foreign placement;  the  salary  ranges from $ 60000 – $ 110000 per annum.  With  experience  the  salary  increases  exponentially.

Top Companies  :-

Few  of  the  top  Companies  where  students  who  have  completed M.C.A.  placed  are  Microsoft,  Oracle,  IBM,  L & T  Limited,  TCS, Infosys,  Wipro,  AT  &  T, Citibank,  CDOT,  NIIT,  Hughes  Software  System,  Rancosystems,  ICICI  Bank,  Indian Railways, Defence  Services,  CMC  Limited,  Satyam  Computers,  Tata  Info Tech  etc.

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